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Connecting the dots….

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From a young age I have always been a dreamer… In fact I have so many clear memories of things and even exact places I had dreams of doing and being different things in my life. It is my belief we dream things as a way of planning. We subconsciously know we can do this dream but it is a planning period in our minds. The next step for us is to be willing to do what it takes to get the dream done.

Well fortunately, I have always had a ton of willingness behind me to do what I wanted to do for my dreams. My parents always told me growing up I was so stubborn when I got something in my mind. Meaning, I would not get rid of it until it was done. This quality has been so beneficial for my life I feel. I say this because I am from the middle of no where Georgia and opportunities are slim to NONE here. If we want to even go to a grocery store we have to drive 30 miles or more…. So what I am saying is if we truly want a good opportunity we have to be willing to do more…

I took a run today to clear my mind of stress and worry on a few of my dreams I am undertaking now…. As I ran I began thinking of some of the dreams and fantasies I have chased through my life and caught. All I could ask myself was Stephanie how did you get this all done girl…How did you know what you were doing, and did I have all this doubt back then??? I started listing these dreams in my mind. My weightlifting, then I had and still have all these awesome running dreams that have been and still are so important to me…. I thought deeply of the modeling I do, and even the acting that I have gotten into recently… And then today I have this dream I am working so diligently on with every ounce of my heart and soul, my brain trauma organization.

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I continued running down the road with all these thoughts but then I suddenly had to stop. I looked around me and looked up and all I could do was be grateful… Because in that moment I realized every dream I have ever had was all interrelated. The weightlifting signified my strength, the running, my endurance; the modeling was a representation of my endurance and strength… Then I thought of the acting, and I suddenly remembered being in the room last week with a director and talking to him… This director is a director of a movie that is one of my favorites but is also what my running coach has always called me from the day he began working with me and witnessed my determination…. His Million Dollar Baby!

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I then smiled from ear to ear confidently and carried on my run. Knowing I was on the right path for my life that no matter what situation I have come upon these past few weeks and months with stress or worry… I knew I was being lead in the proper direction… And all the stress and worry was unnecessary…


To end this entry I will say positively that I see now my life gives me all the signs I can ever need, when I open my eyes and ears to them all… But what I also know for sure is every dream I have ever had is all somehow intertwined together for this beautiful purpose in my life… And this is shown to me more so every single day I live… Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!!