Thanks for visiting my sponsorship page.I am Stephanie McDuffie Freeman, an aspiring fitness model and an avid runner from the state of Georgia. I would love to promote your products on my website or any of my running networks.   I have been in process of trying to qualify for The Boston Marathon for quite some time, competing in 4 different marathons, and I also compete in all type races world wide.  I have created  a website for people to follow me on my journey to Boston and I also do motivational speaking at different places.  I use every social network  to connect with people and runners across the world and I connect with them daily.


When I am not racing I am also involved in volunteering my time to hospitals, gyms, and races to speak and inspire athletes and children to follow their dreams and Never Give Up.  I have discovered my biggest strengths in life are using my past experiences to encourage people to follow through on their dreams and be strong in life. Below I have included my links for all my networks you can research. I feel my skills in the fitness marketing industry would greatly benefit a company like yours.


Thanks in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.