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The Fight for 5…


Share Your Strong had the honor and privilege of meeting a superhero quarterback this weekend, JT Brooks from Tennessee at The Shepherd Center. I had gotten word from another patient here that I had visited with recently that he was here with his dad and would love some inspiration and encouragement. So I did what I normally do, I reached out on all avenues to contact him and sit down and chat. Every time I was in the Atlanta area something came up and I was unable to meet with the family. Well this weekend I had the honor of meeting this amazing hero!

When I got there my heart was in knots but I wasn’t nervous at all. Walking into that hospital somehow calms my spirit and brings so much joy to my soul. I turned the fourth floor corner and there he sat with his dad and he met me with a big smile and open arms sitting in his wheel chair.

I have to admit my heart did drop at that moment when I saw him because I had visions of myself. I saw young Stephanie at 80lbs with that same look of uncertainty in her eyes as he did. But when I approached him I wanted my presence to help illuminate that negative feeling he had in his heart and I feel I accomplished exactly what I came for…. I grabbed this child and hugged him tight and immediately I let him know 23 years ago I sat in the same chair he was sitting now and almost at the same age he is… Then I handed him one of my marathon medals, and I told him it was a symbol of strength and encouragement, because this too shall pass, and I know this of complete truth… And I will have him on the road running with me before long… He agreed gladly, with a huge smile on his face….

To end this entry I will say that we are all given special talents and abilities in our life. We all have a choice what to do with those talents and abilities, it took me a long long time to realize this was the most gracious yet productive way to use my talents. And seeing this child and the many other people I have touched with them confirms this more every day….
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!