photo 1I am Stephanie M. Freeman, a model and an avid runner from the state of Georgia. In 1993 I lived 2 months of my life in a coma from a brain injury and given little chances of survival. With determination and strength I pulled out of this coma state but I woke to find I was bound to a wheelchair and would never walk again. I can remember the exact day I tried getting out of my chair and simply couldn’t walk. That very moment has inspired me every day to be the runner I am now.

Today I proudly tell people I am a runner who has six marathons behind her and one of which is The Boston Marathon. I have discovered my biggest strengths in life now are using my past experiences to encourage people to follow through on their own dreams and to “Never Give Up.” But most of all, inspiring people with the fact that anything is possible in life and I am their living proof of this.

Stephanie is part of the Brain Injury Advisory Council with the Brain Injury Association of America.

I am Stephanie M. Freeman a mother, a runner, and I am a survivor…

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    Share Your Strong this holiday season

    Share Your Strong’s mission is to bring health, help, inspiration, encouragement and most of all – awareness of brain trauma to our world. Along with these principles, we look to assist individuals with situations derived from traumatic brain injuries or trauma. This case is an example of our outreach: Bre Porter was involved in a shooting in March of 2016 while breaking up a fight here in Georgia. Bre was shot in the face, leaving him with brain damage. The bullet hit his spine, paralyzing him from the neck down. Since then, Bre and his family have been working to get much-needed physical therapy. Doctors told them that without it, he may never recover from his devastating injury. Various rehabilitation centers have rejected Bre for a variety of reasons, he is now receiving treatment in Southwest Georgia Rehab Center in Cordele, Georgia. This is a smaller facility that is in need of the proper neurological therapy equipment to assist Bre and other patients. His family is in need this holiday and Share Your Strong is taking donations for this family… We ask you to remember these individuals during the holiday.
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