Stephanie M. Freeman Foundation

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Statistics show that children with brain injury are at a far greater risk of becoming homeless, incarcerated, suffering from mental illness and seeking suicide; than children that have not suffered such injuries. Share Your Strong intends to provide educational resources to children and their families to help educate them on the issue revolving around head trauma.


The number of brain injuries have increased exponentially in the last decade. 2.5 million People will visit the ER as a result of head trauma. Closer to home; Georgia has over 50,000 suspected traumatic brain injuries reported each year through the Central Registry, yet brain injury remains largely silent and unseen. These numbers do not include our military veterans or acquired brain injuries from strokes, tumors, brain bleeds, etc.


Most people never recover from brain injury. Living with brain injury is a lifelong challenge, often robbing individuals and their families of the hope with is necessary in order to have a fulfilling life. Many look to the medical community to provide solutions to survivors to cope with these issues.  The medical community is trained to treat brain injury, they have not been trained to help one live with brain injury.   Thus the injured, and their families are left on their own.


Survivors and their families are the experts at living with brain injury. That’s where Share Your Strong is focused.  Through real world education, we intend to find those living with brain Injury and educated them on how to live a more fulfilling life. We will go into schools and provide seminars that can help educate the masses on this debilitating injury.


Our vision is to deliver hope and knowledge to those suffering from brain injury; to better cope with their disabilities. Hopefully we can begin to find a more productive outcome for those suffering from brain injury; instead of homelessness and incarceration.