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Our beliefs are formed by the stories we tell ourselves. These beliefs are developed in us at an early age somewhere from around birth to the age of six years. Coming from South Georgia, I was brought up with beliefs that over the past few years with all the traveling I have done definitely have been broadened. I have learned basically that life is simply a game of beliefs…

I believe the essence of who we are is something that can never be taken from us.

Passion speaks louder and longer than any other voice spoken I have learned. My vision is clear now to see this a mile away, and when its seen its respected and people in this world will try and take it from you. I speak to people and I say to stand strong, and I do not mean disrespectfully, although I have reached my limits in life a time or so, but maintain your composure and simply be! This piece of you can’t be taken or broken unless you allow

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it because its deep within your soul! So be Strong!

I will always believe that women are the strength of the world.

Women have children, manage jobs, husbands, among all other types of things in life. But when women display traits of ambition and power it comes with a cost. Trust me on this one too… When we step out and show we can do as much or more than men we pay a penalty. I’ve learned this well since I put my dreams out to the world. I have learned some very valuable lessons on this and I have a few good friends that have learned the same. It all boils down to that out of balance life most people have when they see someone who has achieved something. They want to take it away, but ultimately it does nothing but make them unhappy, because it doesn’t hurt me at all. I am happy with being me! This is self destruction at its best baby! Find peace of mind its the happiest place on earth I assure ya…

I believe sharing your strength with people is therapy to your soul.

I have found that life is an exam for us and if we pass it we develop a strength to pass along. If you are greedy with it, and do not share it you will only hurt yourself. I have discovered life is to be given to others, we can’t take anything when we go. The way I look at things with my life is the most valuable thing I have is my strength and I say all the time I am a sucker who gives so much to people who say they need things. So now I have found this out about myself I do all I can to share my strength and help others because it not only helps them but it helps me…

Focus on what YOU want!

My beliefs are that focus is the key role to attaining anything. I focused my life on running and I have ran for the past 11 to 12 years now. Overcoming many obstacles placed and many critical eyes. I haven’t placed any focus on those critics, and I still do not today. I am focused on me, my motto in life is you do you and I will do me… Best advice I can give!

Impossible is NOTHING!

I took a leap of faith this year and made a change with my job. I am now running a gym in small town GA and I hear it often that I can’t run, I can’t lift I can’t do this I can’t do that. My response back to people in a sharp voice is always this, don’t say you can’t do anything… I spent 2 months of my life in a coma and 2 months of my life in a wheelchair with no hopes of ever walking again and I run 26.2 miles for fun! So of course my beliefs to my bones are IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!!

Balance in life creates so much happiness

I believe only from experience that when your life balances out happiness is the outcome. When I say this I mean, if you are doing work you dislike with your running or working out that is still out of balance. Or if you are married and you can’t balance home, work, child, and running it isn’t balanced. Its all give and take. When you find balance harmony in life is created and life happens the way it is supposed to I have found. I was in a marriage that I didn’t do the give and take, I let my dream of a marathon over take my family and I did work in a job that was too stressful that I must use the word “HATED” to go to every morning. Balance out your life by eliminating unneeded stress. Weather it is in your job, distancing yourself from friends, changing places you go, whatever makes you feel better…. Another big trust me on this one!

Be willing to play big in your own life story.

I believe it takes a big leap of faith to reach your dreams. As I say over and over being from a small town you don’t have much opportunity, so make some… Dream big and go after it, be willing to risk it all and know without any doubt it is happening! Willingness is an important commodity in life. Always be willing to do what it takes to make your dreams a reality!

Unity is the best thing in the world

When you step back far enough in life and see humanity as ONE, you see we are all the same. My beliefs have changed over the past few years on this only because growing up small town as I say a lot I was taught one thing and traveling the world has taught me another. Diversity is amazing! I absolutely love walking down the streets of a town and people surrounding me speaking another language and having another skin tone as me. I wasn’t exposed to this as a child and it wasn’t talked about even… Its a beautiful thing to me, and being in Boston in April during the bombings taught me such a lesson on unity. When those bombings occured there were 6000 runners left on that trail of all different nations in this world. The people of Boston took those runners in their homes or gave them rides to where they needed to go to find safety. Color, religion, or what language they spoke wasn’t an issue, they united as ONE! I was so proud to be an American that day!

Faith is your superpower

I believe, I believe, I believe! Say it over and over…. It will take you everywhere you want to go!

A Goal and a journey may equal the same thing

My goals have always been a number one priority for me. It took meeting some significant people in my life to help me realize my true mission. I realized my goal and this journey were the same. Once I become so detached from the obsession of it I saw how beautiful it really was and I can see the path so clearly…

Don’t dwell in the past, in fact never look back

I believe the past is the past, and the most significant thing about a day is the ability to turn the page…

Do what you love

The definition of morality is doing what you enjoy in life and doing so in a way that’s not interfering with anyone else’s right to do the same. My beliefs are to empower people to do their absolute best don’t discourage anyone from doing anything it will come back to haunt you.

Let your passion for what you love drive you and not your ego

Ego is a demon. When I speak I always mention this. I believe the ego driven mind is demonic. It’s where jealousy, hatred, envy and prejudice is derived… Keep your mind clear!

Finding time for prayer or meditation is a necessity in life

I believe in time alone. I say it every day to people I run in the mornings to meditate through my day. Its my church, time for prayer, meditation, time for thoughts of my own…

Intuition was given to us to trust, its an all natural thing

I believe in myself and my intuition so much now. Here’s a thought for ya, if prayers are you speaking with your God then intuition is your God speaking back to you. Trust it. Believe me when I say this because I personally would’ve had a lot less heart ache in my own life if I had only listened to my own way back when….

Ending my entry I want to say my beliefs are strong in my life and always have been. They have taken me from the pits of death to the finish line of the marathon and they only will take me further in life… Keep your faith strong and live your life exactly as you set out to… Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!

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