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Reaching that point in life…

This past weekend I spent my time in Atlanta with a friend of mine and we had plans of participating in a modeling fitness expo. This was my first modeling experience I have done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I worked with some other models that were really cool girls and guys. I have to mention I was the only non-triathlete of all these models, so it was slightly intimidating. Because I have never put on any type of swimming or biking gear. The first outfit I was to model was hideous to me. Not to mention it felt too sizes too small, but I put it on and glanced over to Blair another model and said holy cow this is too small what do I do? She said its perfect, it is supposed to be like this. She reassured me over and over that everything was good. She made it clear that at this point in life everything should be good.


The events went great and I had such a blast. On my ride back home I couldn’t help but think back to what Blair mentioned to me. I have always been told I would reach that point in life and now that I am a 30 something year old woman I can happily say I have reached this point and it is nice. I am happy I do not worry all the time over the opinions of people and I have that drive in life to get out and do as I please. I will be doing as I please this weekend because Friday I have an awesome photo shoot in Atlanta with many different photographers. This is exciting for me because I will be doing canoeing, kayaking and hiking shots. All which are different and new to me. Then after my shoot I will go and stay with a friend back in Atlanta and then off to Boston I go! As Boston gets closer for me I get more and more excited for the friends I have running it! I’m surprised I haven’t felt the least bit sad I will not be participating too. I expected I would but something has come over me the past 6 or so months that I just know in my heart it will happen eventually for me and there’s no need to be sad. I look forward to this weekend and I know its going to be so much fun!