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The Wilcox County Middle School

February 2, 2016 Share Your Strong had the honor of speaking The Power of Never Giving Up in Life, to The Wilcox County Middle School Pass Program. I considered this such an honor to do, for one because this is in my hometown of Rochelle Georgia and will be among many children of single parents like myself. And two because the majority of these children are considered the underdog, which is like myself as well. It brought a lot of joy and pride to my heart and soul to speak with confidence to kids on this subject that are sitting in situations I have sat in my own life and giving them hope and inspiration.


This was one spunky bunch….


I speak to people all the time on the fact that our life speaks to us in so many ways if we are present and aware to it. Today when I arrived to give my presentation, as I was setting things up I began speaking with this teacher below and she was asking me so many questions on concussion. Her son has had multiple concussions and she was unaware of the some of the knowledge I was telling her of concussion, also known as traumatic brain injury. Talking to this teacher was a ray of light for my life. Because through it all I have had many ups but twice as many downs, and no matter what life always shows me through people such as this my mission is worthy. But most of all to stay my course no matter what, and like I tell these kids to Never Ever Give Up!