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Training Recap…


Training has been good for me lately. I have been consistent with things and done so well with not being over obsessive. In the summer I like to just do basic running and pick a marathon for the fall and build up my base training through the hot months. I am still in base training and I have incorporated a few other changes in training and in my job that has made things a whole lot easier.

My beliefs have always been that if you experience negativity in one area of your life it overflows into other areas. This can affect anything from training to home life. I have been holding off on a step I was planning to make for a few months now. I was offered an opportunity at the first of the year that I shrugged my shoulders at because I was fearful to make a big transition. I reevaluated my life after my last trip I took and after I received some advice from a friend of mine on this trip that made such an impact on me that when I got home I decided I did want to make this change. Something in my mind said to me the time was NOW!

As far as my training I have been knee deep in it and have had excellent people come into my life to assist me with jobs that have came my way. I have met a trainer that is fully certified in the type of training I am working to get and has been helping me to get in the shape I need for a project I will be doing next month. Through all of this transition I have learned that as an excellent friend of mine always tells me if you are passionately patient good things do occur in your life. I had to realize that some of these roadblocks I was up against were to summons me to the proper path I should be on related to my true purpose in life. This purpose will ultimately help me get to those streets of Boston I have complete faith of this!

To end this entry I will leave you with some advice I have learned when it comes to achieving this important goal. When you find you cannot move forward there is always your left and your right which could be excellent options to lead us to this all important goal. Stay strong and face all your fears and challenges head on! Happy Running!!!