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Training Report…

My training has been good the last few weeks. Exciting is what I should say, I have still been using my new trainer for my workouts and he is a fully certified crossfit trainer and is always throwing up new ideas for me. I enjoy working with him and I chose him because he trains and works with a few fitness models I know of in the Macon Area. He has gotten me ready for a photo shoot I had a few weeks ago for a tennis wear company. The focus for me was not to be too bulky for this look and he helped me achieve that. He will continue to work with me more on a few other projects I have going on and I have found that he and I work good together.

My running has been going really good too. The heat has been brutal but I have continued to do it, and since I have changed jobs I have been doing more of my running at home because I have been traveling and I just have more time for it and I have a lot less stress in my life. I haven’t done any racing lately, and I am proud of myself for following through with what I said I would do, which is not burn myself out with racing this year. I have narrowed my marathons for trying to qualify for Boston down to a few races, but still haven’t decided which I want yet and I have a few people checking out one or two that I keep leaning toward. I have been working with my first marathon coach Frank more this year than ever, he has retired from his job and wanted to work with me. I enjoy working with him because it takes me back to where I started and I realize I have came such a long way but he also keeps me in focus of where I am going. I have the most respect for him and we work very well together, he is like family to me.

The next few weeks for me is marathon training baby. I will begin my marathon training in the middle of this month and call me a goober but this makes me one happy mama and always has!