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On June 4,1993 at the very young age of 14 I Stephanie McDuffie Freeman lived 2 months of my life in a coma on life support with little to no chance to survive. Today 22 years later on June 4th, 2015 I will introduce myself… I am Stephanie M. Freeman, a mother, a model, a runner, a weight lifter, but most importantly a survivor!


I have recalled the day I woke up and knew who and where I was every day since 1993, and looking back this day inspires and drives me… This is the day, my story actually began! Sitting in front of a nurses station in a wheelchair there I was… My head hanging down and spit rolling out of my mouth uncontrollably. I picked my head up, glanced around me and suddenly realized I was sitting in a wheelchair… I recall like it was yesterday saying to myself I’m getting out of here and I did try to do just that. I unbelted that chair and I stood up, and fell immediately to the floor because I could no longer walk….


In that moment on my knees on the floor of that hospital I made a decision for my life! I said to that 14 year old Stephanie, I AM WALKING out of here, my life will not end up this way no matter what you may be hearing… And I did just that… I walked out of that hospital on October 8, 1993.

“The journey is the reward” ~Steve Jobs

This 22 year journey has been a difficult road of unknowing, crazy emotions and lots of wonder. But along with that unknowing I have also had lots of determination and drive to become the best person I can be no matter what circumstance I was ever under…Because I have carried that memory in my mind of that moment I hit the floor of that hospital. I have used it as fuel to guide me through any dilemma and struggle I have ever had…And through it all, I discovered the greatest difficulty or problem I have ever faced honestly has been realizing who Stephanie really is.

So stating, I am Stephanie M Freeman a mother, a marathoner, a model, a weight lifter, and a survivor I say with the MOST pride and also the MOST self admiration! And 22 years into this journey I can also say with complete and full confidence to anyone out there. We are all capable of moving mountains in our life, no matter what limitations have been placed on you and this I know of absolute truth. Because I have moved quite a few in this 22 year journey and I’m not done yet… But I can also say firmly the most tragic of events are all blessings in disguise that lead us to the most satisfied heart you could ever find. And this I do know….
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!



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