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Driving home from work today I had a hundred thoughts rambling through my head. The biggest part of this thinking was related to courage. I believe courage can mean several things to people. I have been studying lately on a few people, people who have touched my life in several ways but simply inspired me. It is a fact courage made each of these people who they are, and it makes each of us in life who we are. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t mustard up courage to survive through struggles in my life, and every person I know has this courage and strength about them and yet it seems to be such a scarce thing to come across. Courage to me is standing up for yourself and what you believe in. It means holding onto the passions you have without letting people or things in life knock you down. Courage is knowing you can do something and doing it without having a clue to how it will be done.

I spoke with a person yesterday who happens to be a great friend to me who has dealt with addiction and was seeking my encouragement. As she was telling me the horrible things some people were saying to her I stopped her mid sentence and told her when people say those things to you and you know they aren’t true rise above it! If we accept nasty opinions from people who have never had the courage to go through hard things in life or stand up for their own passions we are only limiting ourselves! She agreed with what I was saying to her and realized she has the courage to do whatever she wants! Those types of people who discourage or try and break you down are people I have learned who fall into that scarce category. When I experience those negative individuals I simply laugh because at this point in my life I consider myself bullet proof and no one will break me if I haven’t already been broken! Those negative comments I hear almost daily I rise above and do not dare let it saturate my soul because I know what’s in my heart and I do what I do with passion and commitment!
This is the advice I give everyone who comes to me! I will say it again as I’ve said time and time before. It took me reaching skid row in my life to appreciate and know my value and worth

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but now that I know this about myself no one will ever make me feel any different…. Looking back on ole Skid Row now I see so clearly that it was the best place I could have gone because most people in that situation never get out. That situation drove ambition straight in my veins that will carry me exactly where I want to go in my life.

To end this entry I want to say that life is a wonderful thing and we should all enjoy it with the courage we were blessed with but most of all without unnecessary negativity!