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Dear Stephanie,

Dear Stephanie,

Believe in your dreams and never back down. You will be misunderstood. People will try to take you down for no reason at all. Your kindness will be mistaken for weakness. Your intense focus will be called intimidating as well as aggressive. You will fail more often than you will succeed. When you fail you will feel totally alone and all those cheerful voices of superficial support will be silent. One obstacle after another will pop up along the path and you will have to be disciplined and determined to stay on the path. There will be times when you’ll feel worthless, but deep down you’ll hold on to your true value in the spirit. Grace will come in and remind you to be kind and do the right thing even when you’ll get no credit for it. You will choose your path, not always as elegantly as you like, you will choose justice, goodness and faith. And yes, eventually, you will succeed.

Don’t sell your voice to a chorus that’s off-key for the brilliant tune of your life. Don’t waste time trying to please people who aren’t interested in your brightness and beauty. Don’t spend another second worrying about other people’s anger. Look in your heart, make amends where needed, ask for forgiveness and forgive easily. But don’t take on guilt and punishment or fog yourself mentally or emotionally. You are ok, you’re doing the best you can. 

Know this….When you feel you have nothing left to give, when you think you just can’t be any stronger, when you’re stretched to your absolute limit and you want to give up, exactly then, at that moment when you feel utterly hopeless, push through. That’s when it matters, when all the work you’ve put in counts… These are the days you will remember and appreciate for a lifetime…. They are helping you keep your dream real…. 
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never Ever Give Up….

I LOVE you, Stephanie
January 22, 2019