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The word Strength can be described in so many ways. Life has shown me the definition of this word many times. And strength is not always what I would say being strong…. It’s about observing and learning to listen to life.

Strength isn’t about forcing your way onto someone else or ruling with an iron will. It’s about being comfortable enough in yourself to live and let live.

Strength is about operating from love, and not from fear. The more you have, the more you feel like you have to protect, the harder it is to let it all go. The less you have, the more you feel a need to fight and claw to get anywhere.

Strength is about doing the right thing, not always the most profitable or popular thing, but the right thing.

Strength is standing your ground and speaking your truth when it counts. Because trust me your words make an impact, weather good or bad.

You have the power to change millions of lives with your strength.