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“Adversity introduces a man to himself.”

Rules (if there really are any) I’ve learned from my brain injury.

Ten things I’ve cultivated over 25 years, from a brain injury I pass along to many…



1. Life is a fragile thing. We as a human race are very invincible…until we no longer are…. so no matter your circumstances keep your attitude bright and positive… And keep going.

2. You must live for your passion, for in your last moments you won’t regret the things you did, but will definitely want to live longer to fulfill your covenant. And your passions will provide you with all the stamina and energy you need to fulfill this purpose… Blaze your trail!

3. Maintain your strength. Physical strength equals mental strength.

4. Give yourself time to rest. With whatever situation you’re in. If you need to re-set, make sure you give yourself the time to do that.

5. Persistence is a very strong tool to use…

6. Don’t waste your time with people, conversations, engagements that don’t benefit you nor nourish you.

7. God is real. He answers your prayers.

8. Family is a blessing. No matter how dysfunctional they may seem, they are there for you in times of need.

9. Love yourself, you’re all you have left.

10. Fight for what you want, for you are stronger than you can ever imagine. End of story…