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Finish Line

The finish line is a symbolic place for every runner.  In my years of running I have experienced many emotions at a finish line.  I can also say I have felt a lot of those same emotions at other runners finish lines.  The intense feelings I feel  range from happy to emotional. There is something about witnessing passion, determination and a deep will for more than just the ego driven success that brings me joy.


A finish line to me signifies a beginning.  When I ran my first marathon in 2006 it changed my entire world.  I have always read and heard that a marathon will change your life but I was so unaware of how it would change me.  When I speak to people I tell them, when I crossed that line I looked to my right and saw my son, husband and then I glanced behind me and saw a brutal 26.2 miles but endless possibilities ahead of me.  I had officially done the IMPOSSIBLE!  Today is seven years later and the passion and emotion I felt that day has only grown broader.


Beginning my running journeys I was completely unaware of how to live my life enlightened.  Back in those days I was married and living the life of everyone else but the authentic part of me would not leave my running behind so I continued to strive and run.  I lived life on egg shells caring what everyone around me thought, and I lived in the competition state of mind that leads to no where but unhappiness or self destruction. Up until a few years ago I continued to lead this lifestyle and then I had a few awakenings to my life.  Luckily today my life has been enlightened and I have a knowing in my heart of exactly where I will be and where I am going.  I am also aware of the journey I am taking and what it takes to get me from striving to get to the finish line of my dreams to arriving at it peacefully.


My journey so far has lead me to embracing life, surrounding myself with positive and eliminate negative, becoming aware of surroundings, realizing disabilities I have to overcome but accepting them with open arms. Then there is realizing not everyone understands my journey, people who saw you hungry and struggling to survive will not want to see you reach your dreams but I still remain happy and absolutely know my destination.  Anyone who puts a dream out there to the world has to be mindful of their environment and what they are stepping into and I have definitely faced some situations on this.  It has taken my courage and strength not to break down at times but remembering why I began but seeing where it has taken me so far is worth all of the ride.  Over these past few years I have learned that you can’t place security over your happiness and joy. It has taken me learning that being a survivor can be painful, and is often misunderstood and misjudged.  However the achievement of becoming this survivor I am who thrives is and has been worth every bit of effort I have put into it and it’s only getting better.


To end my entry I will say for so long it has seemed to me that my life was about to begin.  But there were always those obstacles I had to work through first.  At last it has dawned on me that these obstacles I have faced are life.  My advice I give anyone is to stay present in their journey whatever it is.  We do not go from one place to another in a gigantic step, we only get there in increments.  By going through each feeling, belief, and experience we have a step at a time.  The simple act of acceptance of this will take you anywhere in the world you wish to go… Most importantly remember to stay strong in life and Never Give up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!



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