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This past weekend I had a photo shoot scheduled with a triathlon wear company that was canceled at the last minute. I was slightly disappointed but instead of letting that bother me I packed my things up and went to The Motor Track and helped a friend of mine with a race car team. This change of plan confirmed to me more that each event in my life is still leading me down the right path.


While I was there I met a race car team and the driver and I laughed and hung out then he asked me to dinner. He said his mom and dad were in town from New York and he would love for me to join him. I decided to take the offer instead of over analyzing things like I usually do. We arrived at the restaurant in midtown and I honestly thought I was going to fall out when I saw who his mom was. His mother was LaVelle Olesa. She is an inspiring woman that I have read and studied on over the past few years. We sat and chatted most of the night and had a great connection. She told me of her past modeling career with Neiman Marcus and then she began to speak to me on the mentoring group she has organized in New York. I told her a little bit on my history and my mission in life. She made some excellent points that touched my heart so much. She told me that of all the accomplishments she has had in life, the coaching and mentoring she does now brings more joy to her heart than ever. As she said this to me I felt the significance of all she was saying.


I went into detail about my accident and told her my goals and how and why my life had been shifted in this direction. I told her what joy it brought to my life when I told people what I had been through and I was a marathon runner after all that. When I told her my running had been slowed down tremendously due to a lot of pain I was having she said something to me that brought tears to my eyes. She said “Hidden in all misfortune is good fortune, so continue speaking and sharing your strength with people. She said these are the bread crumbs that are leading you to this dream.” When I heard those words I knew I was living my life exactly the way I should. I went home that night and her words rolled through my mind over and over along with visions of my past. I had that sudden knowing that I was following the right path in my life and I was living my life purposely.

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