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I began running at the age of 24. Before I did not do any cardio work, in fact I was a powerlifter. I powerlifted for probably 4 years before I began running, and the only reason I started running was because I had gotten so big and bulkey and was consuming so many calories my weight had soared to 150 lbs! Yes, I said it 150 lbs… But I was solid muscle I must say but just way too big for a woman…

I was deadlifting super heavy weight and pulled something in my back which made me change my directions of training. I reached out to a friend of mine for advice, she was an excercise physiologist and nutritionist at the gym I went to. She was also an extremely intimidating woman, she looked me up and down and simply said you need to loose some weight & stop training like a man! She told me I could begin working with her since I was familar with how to do things, that is all but the cardio part…. So the next night at the gym she said lets go for a run, I looked at her like ok, I can do this so we did…. She took me approximately 3 miles ; levitra instructions ; levitra forum ; clomid

that night and I couldn’t walk the next day and had to miss work.

After that run I was hooked! I refused to let this thing beat me up like it did! Nothing had ever done this, and I am not a person to let it happen now! So I dropped 20lbs with running and circuit training with her…. I trained with her assisted her with her clients in the gym for probably 4 years, got married, got pregnant, but remained focused throughout it all on what my goals were!

Now here I am 10 years later, still dodging traffic, running through aches and pains and remaining focused every step i take! I say this often and I mean it every time I say it “This WILL happen for me” and i have eleminated all my doubts in my mind!