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Happy Birthday to me….

Today I wake up its my 34th birthday…. I am gonna drag to the coffee pot and shower and head to Perry to visit Matt.  Get some good running in over there b/c its a different location with lots of hills & this will be good for me.  I am probably going to go to the gym in Cordele before I go to get a workout in with my buddy Mark.  I have started working out with this guy Mark Overstreet, he is an athlete, football player with Valdosta State & is home from school at the moment and we seem to be on the same page link with our training…. OCD with it all you may say:) hahaha  But I do find it hard to find someone that wants to workout and not get competive or actually workout and focus on their goal and not on what the hell is happening around em…. So this guy seems to be a good match for me…. My training in the gym will take a step back when I begin the actual marathon schedule in Mid August though!
Anyways though I am going to enjoy my birthday even though I feel as if I am getting slightly OLD:) At least I am blessed to be here & enjoy time with my son & friends & fam…..