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In depth convo

As most of you know I work with the public daily. Sometimes I meet interesting people and then of course the not so interesting… But today I had an in depth conversation with one of our patients that really made me do some thinking.

He asked me why I put my body through what I do only to complete a marathon and then to suffer from all of it. I hear this from people often, and when I hear this I always pay it no mind because I’ve learned through the years that most of these folks have no clue to life really… They can’t understand that it’s all about accomplishing something that is hard And with proper training you shouldn’t suffer. But all of my training means a lot to me. As I crossed the finish line of my 1st marathon it made me cry! It had finally hit me I had overcome so much and I could do so much more…. And as I run and train I always remember a specific day I had while I was in the hospital sitting in my wheelchair!!! And this is what pushes me and keeps me going every day I train! I have a dear friend that has been through a heart transplant and we used to talk about this subject often. He always said the best people to meet & know were people that had been through a tuff struggle in their life because they actually had a clue to life! The older I get the more I hear & see how absolutely true this is!!

So needless to say I do brush this comment off when I hear it! And I am so thankful each day for my struggle because it has molded me into a person that isn’t critical to anyone.