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Learning to Let Go

I am happy that today I am at a wonderful place in my life where I finally see things as I wish I had a long time ago. I can say that today I truly love myself and I am able to love life as it is. I took a look at myself a few years ago after I had one of a hundred breakups with an old boyfriend and said Stephanie you know what you want in your life are you ready to follow this passion full force? I chose to make a substantial contribution and investment in my life after that moment to help me achieve the things I wanted and to transform myself into the person I want to be but mostly into this person I knew I was. But to reach this place I did have to learn to let go of countless pieces of negativity that was pulling me down.


We climb all kinds of ladders in life to reach our happiness. I’ve been climbing my own ladder for a while now. It took me years to reveal the journey I had been through and also took me years to reveal what I wanted but I always knew in my heart it was there and I haven’t let anything take that from me. Through doing the activities and work I do I have had to take a glimpse back to that place I reached a few years ago and learn how I let go. I had a long conversation today with a good friend and instead of me doing the encouragement I was getting it. I have been ranting all day of how people try to drag other people down when they believe they are one step ahead of them. It’s such a bitter pill for me to swallow when I have to deal with these types of individuals simply because as a friend of mine says we all have to crawl before we walk and the mission I am on has nothing at all to do with competing with anything. Through my years of struggle and hard knocks I have learned a lot about people. I have learned because of difficult situations with people that the majority of the time they could care less what kind of impact you are trying to make if it doesn’t involve them. I do not expect everyone to understand what my mission is because most of the people that trash what I do are those that have no courage at all to achieve their own dream so they look to grab yours pull you down and take over. This is just how it goes especially with women. For some reason women are taught from a young age to take a back seat and deflect praise and especially not give any praise to other women.


I refuse to be that type of woman ever! Stephanie is in competition with no one and what I do I do with every bit of passion and commitment that I achieved by going down an extremely hard road as a child. I have found something that makes me feel good and resignates my soul and my enthusiasm. I speak with some women who completely understand this about me and get it and I say it a lot but being in a small area you do not come across many people who understand your purpose. Luckily I’ve empowered myself by not accepting what people say and do as my future and certainly not letting an opinion define me. I learned a long time ago that it is a wonderful thing to have the confidence and guts to go in the opposite direction as what everyone says. I have taken criticism all my life when it comes to my active lifestyle because most people do not really understand the value of life. I learned to let go of most of the negative people in my life and accept that they are who they are and I won’t chose that for my life. The best advice I give to young girls and even women my age is be extremely cautious of who you bring in your life. Toxic people are no fun, and I absolutely admire the friends I have that hold their heads high and do not judge and trash people.


To end my entry I will say this, when you find a passion in your heart your motivation to be all you can be comes to you effortless. No matter what your dreams are do not settle or become stagnant and most of all do not let the hatred in this world define you. We define ourselves, and go out and be exactly who you set out to be…

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