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Putting my passion in the drivers seat…

I took a run this afternoon to clear my head. I have made some transitions in my life and needed to put some of my thoughts together on them all. As I have been going through this journey I am on I have gained a lot of wisdom about myself and many different clues on establishing and living the purpose driven life.


Running and being active have remained a true passion of mine for a long time. I have kept my love and desire for these things very close to my heart and always pursued more with them. When obstacles have appeared in my life and I wanted to throw in the towel and quit I have always been able to turn to these things to help me get through. This is my definition of a dream! This drive I have helped me rediscover the true courage that I had so long ago. My beliefs are that a dream, vision, a goal and a desire are all feature components for anything in your life.


My life up until recently I feel has been a blueprint designed by my family, friends, and even strangers. I came to realize a few years ago I had let society mold my life and I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. I live in a small southern area of the world and stepping outside of that typical routine everyone else follows is unusual and makes you that dreaded word “Different”. I always had such a fear of that dreaded word growing up, and finally I broke free from those social expectations. I am no longer scared of being different. Difference is beauty to me. For years and years I didn’t comprehend my own beauty. I had a huge scar of my neck from a tracheotomy and scars on my chest from chest tubes and all down my leg. At 34 years old I can now see that is my beauty, its a difference that makes me special. I believe that breaking free from those social beliefs were the best thing I could have done because I have complete inner peace with myself now.


Upon reaching this place in my life, I realize there is no one else who can write the story of my life and its meaning. I’m seeing more than ever before I can actually add true value to this world without letting fear stand in my path. I am so happy to have reached this place in my life where I can finally fulfill my true potential. I have decided to follow my dreams further and do more of what I love to do, which is help and inspire others.


To end my entry I’d like to give a piece of encouragement and some crucial advice. A true passion in your heart for what it is you love will carry you further in life than anything. So I say keep those dreams close to your heart and never let anyone try to hinder them. Stay humble, hold your values tight, and when you hear the good guys finish last pay no attention at all! Its such a false statement, stay strong in life! Last but not least, Never give up, Never give in, Never stop trying, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!

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