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The time is now…

As 35 is steadily creeping up on me I have so many things in my life changing, but that I can say I am very thankful for. These changes although may seem drastic I haven’t once observed them in this way. I have only looked to them as part of the process to fulfill this journey of my life.


I’ve had some type of journey most all of my life. Growing up it was the journey of acceptance with friends, family or basically anyone in this small area. Then adolescence came and I embarked on the journey that instilled the values, enthusiasm, and massive ambitions for life I have. I do remember times when I wondered exactly what and why I had all these feelings within me. I didn’t understand what was creating these feelings and what I should do to change them or even if I should.


It sounds like a cliche’ to say this but one day I finally realized something about my life that changed me. It finally downed on me to listen. Not only to voices speaking to me, but to the experiences I was having and that I have had. The first experience I evaluated was my job. This is a job I have had for 10 years. For 10 years I have gone to a job I have dreaded and not enjoyed. I felt no passion for this occupation, but most of all I felt of no value to the job whatsoever. I decided to take a leap of faith and do something that I felt would be an expression of the values that I have learned from past experiences. I have taken a job in the fitness industry. I have always had a strong drive for an active lifestyle since 1993. I haven’t let anyone or anything break my focus for this passion and I have encountered some really rough people and circumstances. My ambition and love I have for my running and fitness was instilled in me through life changing events and therefore they will always be meaningful to me and I feel it will be an excellent area for me to use what I have learned to help others.


I have always believed every person has a purpose in life. Now that I have been working in this industry I realize more each day why I kept this passion and love for my fitness so close to me. I had so many signs a long time ago of this and I have questioned my life purpose always but today it is evident to me that every struggle I went through was to inspire people to achieve more and be all they can, and understand what is possible. Every day I’ve connected with someone and helped them by using things I know about life and things I have learned. This has always been something I have done well with, and there are no doubts in my mind that this opportunity isn’t in line with my true purpose of life. I feel in harmony with things in my life now. In fact, people walk in my life daily and add significance and this makes me so happy. But most of all I finally feel of value to something and someone because I believe living on purpose is what truly gives us all our strength.


To end this entry I will add I have found that purpose in life I believe is to know your values and then be in integrity with them. When you realize what you stand for and do what you believe in, your sense of self worth and confidence becomes limitless….

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