Making plans…

Recently I have been doing some hard gym training to get prepared for some pictures I have and an expo I will be modeling at. I have cut back on my mileage of running tremendously so all this energy I had for running has been put in the gym. My goal I am shooting for is to look most like a triathlete I can by Sunday’s event I have going on. I have been training 2 to 3 times daily, and honestly this type of training hasn’t been nearly as hard for me as when I was focusing in on marathon training with speed work and long runs. But either way I have this goal in my mind and I will achieve this! I met with my running coach tonight in Tifton for dinner to go over our strategies we have for The Boston Marathon that is next weekend. We fly out for Boston next week and he will be running the

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marathon. I will be joining he and some other friends of mine, which are running it. I plan to work with my Saucony Team and I have made many arrangements to meet and greet different people in the running industry. I have my week planned out before I head to Boston though. I am most excited that I will be meeting with another amputee child tomorrow afternoon. This child is a triathlete who has many accomplishments under her belt. I’ve been doing some research on determination of athletes and survivors and wanted to meet her and talk for a story I am working on. A wonderful friend of mine that I have just recently gotten to know has been working with me on this project. He is also an amputee; in fact he is the first Ironman double amputee in the world. I have also gotten his story of determination to succeed with this sport, which is amazing. I meet with Mei Mei, this awesome child on Friday afternoon and I cannot wait to talk with her to get her story.