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Managing Expectations

The word expectation has been on my mind a lot lately. I was of course expecting my Boston Qualification on Sunday and missed it. I could make many excuses for not achieving it but it was ultimately up to me to get this done. Throughout my life I have found that having peace in your own self makes things simplier to focus on any problem and follow through with those expectations.

With that being said I have also learned in my life that expectation can lead to such a heartache! I met with my running coach last night to go over our new year of running and expectations. Mike and I are similar in many ways, besides we are madly in love with life and running, we seem to deal with our adversity fairly well. We met up and managed our expectations of 2013. He gave me some pointers on what I should do as far as speed work goes for this coming year. I value what Mike has to say because he is extremely qualified and he has made it clear that his goals are to assist me with my Boston quest and all of my other running projects.

My year of racing for 2013 should begin with a half marathon in mid January in Warner Robins, GA. I am shooting for a PR at this race and I believe I could achieve this goal with the weather not being so hot as

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it was the day of my marathon last Sunday. Then in February I have another charity event in Atlanta on Valentines Day weekend that will be another underwear run. Then the beginning of March I will tackle another full marathon in Albany, GA. I will be shooting for another Boston Qualification time there.

April will be my month most definitely. I have been asked to go with Mike to Boston to attend The Boston Marathon. I have some friends who will be running in it this year so I can support them while I am there. I will also do the 5K while I am there. He asked me to go because he wants me to experience it, and to get some nextworking in at the expo with some of the sponsors that will be there. I will also finally get to meet my inspiration Mr. Bart Yasso and Mr. Amby Burfoot of Runners World!!! And this is such a dream for me because as I told Mike yesterday when we were eating I have invisioned myself involved with this for a long time and this dream will come true for me. As far as the rest of the year he told me to wait on it and see how things have developed for me…

I am looking forward to the new year of running and goals and achieving my success!