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Mind Control….

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When you read this quote I placed above, it may not appear as powerful to you as it does to me. So please let me explain, in 2013 I experienced some of the most terrifying Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome you could imagine and this came to me out of no where at all….

“Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.” ~ Frank Sonnenberg

I had been standing near the sidelines of The Boston Marathon when the bombings occurred. I didn’t see any death but I experienced horror like no other! I flew back to Georgia and saw my past w a vengeance baby! My family had no clue what was wrong with me and only figured I was dealing with depression. Well I did what I always do which was I threw myself into my running only to have more visions of my past and that little girl in that wheelchair, and that little girl sitting in that hospital bed looking out that window of that hospital room each day wondering if I would walk again as I ran on my lonely quiet dirt roads… I heard voices from my past, I saw people from my past in dreams, I felt helpless is the only way I could describe this… Here I was 20 years after that happened in my life and I thought I had moved beyond it all I couldn’t understand….

“Trust the timing of your life.”

I began reading books. Books on everything from God, to healing, to depression then I started studying holistic healing and the mind. I began studying my subconscious mind and healing music night and day and discovered this subconscious is in fact so much more intelligent than the conscious mind. So, I bought a cd player and I placed it by my bed and I began listening to music at night as I would sleep. Over a period of probably 6 weeks I remember it like it was yesterday getting up one morning and my mind was fully clear. No more voices and I had no more wicked thoughts…. I felt free!

“When you come out of the storm, you will not be the same person that went in.”

Today with the organization I am building I speak with people who are going through certain things like I have gone through and these are one of them. When I talk or give advice to anyone I speak through experience only, and I always encourage using this type of healing to help them all now, and because it helped me so much.

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.”.

To end my entry I will say through it all I have learned the process of life is being able to speak through experience. Experience is what speaks loudest to anyone and those experiences are necessary I am seeing to share and I also see to help all these people I meet that I see are so unaware…. So I am very thankful for each step of my process in life, the good, the bad, and those very ugly moments.

Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never Ever Give Up!!!


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