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Its 5 am and I am deciding to skip out on my early morning run….Matt is helping me integrate a new type of training in with my own and its strange but its REST.  I’ve never tried this tactic but I figure I might as well try something new since my old routine has left me injured.  This doesn’t mean I will not do my crosstraining exercises I will work my legs today at the gym I will do a lighter weight with higher repetitions.  And heck probably throw the crossfit class in at lunch just because I love it! haha

Today when I got up my leg didn’t feel as sore as I figured it would. I am not limping on it, it is inflammed of course but I know I could get a run in on it if I wanted to.  But I shall save what I’ve got for later in the day but my usual routine in the mornings when I get up and don’t run is chug my coffee and I stretch and foam roll so I will get on this and get this day started….

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