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New Chapter

I had an exciting weekend in Louisville Kentucky volunteering with the Ironman… Being at this event showed me the hardcore strength & detemination of regular people. Although I saw so many professional runners come through the aide station I was voluntering at I realized they were no different at all from me. You could see the determination on their face & feel the I WANT THIS in their presence and this totally inspired me as it would anyone! This gave me alot of different inspirations. I took my ole bummed leg out for a spin on the Kentucky streets and it did great! Since I begin running again next week I will have a lot of these different inspirations to brainstorm with as I run… But the main thing on my mind will be to keep a positive outlook on all my training. This injury has humbled me and made me even more determined. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon but I’d definately love to one day have one of those “P” letters written on the back of my leg at racing events. It would be awesome to wear a Saucony or Nike even my greatest dream of all Underarmor to represent some of these races…. I can invision this in my mind and I know it could all become possible because of my faith, determination and pure strength to get things done! Matt gave me a compliment this weekend that has ran through my mind so much since, that I was such a persistent person and when I have my mind set on things I always follow through with it til its done no matter how much work it takes me! And I thoroughly believe this is how I have gotten this far in life with

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that mentality! So as I begin this new “Running Chapter” in my life this week I will focus and pray for the proper strength and determination like I witnessed in the runners I saw with the Ironman!!!!