blog post


I’ve been running for 10 years.  Through these years I’ve been blessed to have come across so many knowledgeable inspiring people.  And when I volunteer at different athletic events I always like to meet and talk with different people that are participating and hear the drive and passion they have for the sport…

As I have said before I have had times in my life that were extremely rocky and I wasn’t given much of a chance to survive. The older I have gotten I have realized this gave me my drive to do all these amazing things I love.  And I’ve also realized my purpose in life is to share these things and inspire people and help them to understand anything is possible!!

I love to hear people tell me about their passion for running or whatever sport it is and especially to hear their drive behind it. So I have decided to begin acknowledging some real inspirations on my blog. These people are individuals who have encountered alot but lived through these things to achieve so much through pure determination, and they continue to move forward with their lives in a positive direction….