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It’s All About Timing

Today I’m having many thoughts rolling through my head the basic thought is timing. I started thinking of probably 6 or 7 years back when Boston was first entering my mind and I wanted it so bad. I lived in Fitzgerald and there was a man there who was trying to qualify. He was an excellent runner and he did it within one year. My coach Frank of course had ran it a couple of times. I never in my dreams would have thought I would be where I am today, it’s not like I’m a millionaire living in a high rise home, I’m just running and living my life the way I always wanted to and I am happy!

I had a talk with Matt this morning. When I met Matt he also didn’t have any intentions of trying to qualify for The Boston Marathon but as he was around me more and saw my passion for this race he aquired the same desires. Unfortunately yesterday he went to the doctor and they diagnosed him with tendonitis in his foot and it has disabled his training for Boston. I had a talk with him and it was the same talk Frank had with me last season when I was injured. Its just not the right time is all I could say like Frank told me. In life, time is the most crucial thing I’ve learned. Especially with my family, my training, my job, just anything essentially time is always of the essence.

That initial feeling of winning your first race gives you a passion to take on the world. Believe me, you feel as if you are capable of running a full marathon after winning a simple 5k. I have said it many times that I wish I could bottle up that enthusiasimn involved in begining the racing experience and hold onto it tight. Because when life gets hard enthusiasm is the last thing you have when it comes to training for a marathon. I was looking back on some of my old races from back in 2004 and 2005 tonight and it was so funny to me because I remember feeling as if I could do all these races all at once back then. Of course, I tried and that’s when the injuries and ailments began…It was all in my timing. I had to go through all of these injuries to learn I couldn’t take on the world. I can say though today that I am so thankful for every hard part of my training, every injury and every rest day I was forced into taking over the years because it has led me to where I am now. I can say I am ready to tackle these Boston Qualifications!!!!