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Today I shed a tear..

As I ran today I cried for you Dr Bill and wondered if I’d even be here on these roads if you had not came to my rescue that horrible night. I’m so sorry you had to live those years with pain and suffering. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life and I will always remember you and your legacy will be carried on by me. I will carry on your motto to push forward and dig deeper! We are survivors and I will never forget you!

I lost a very special person this week to a tragic battle with cancer. This person has had a special place in my heart since I awoke from my coma nearly 20 years back. He is the doctor who came to my rescue the night I had my accident. Dr. Bill Hammond has been a friend of my family’s since I was born. He came to the hospital the night of my accident and had the intern doctor ride in the ambulance with me to the next hospital I was being taken to. If he hadn’t done this I would not be here today because my heart stopped on that ride to Albany that night and that doctor was able to revise me…

Dr Hammond has battled cancer for almost 10 years. He and I had alot in common in my opinion. We were both survivors, meaning he survived pancreatic cancer a few years ago then to get lung cancer. He was aware of struggling to survive in life. His motto was to never give up and always dig deeper. I recall when he was first diagnosed prayer viduals being held all over Fitzgerald for him. I also recall praying for him when I would run with my coach Frank. Although this world has lost this good man I will continue to carry on his motto to encourage people to push forward and dig deeper and when I get to Boston Dr Bill I will dedicate it directly to YOU! You will always be my HERO!!!!