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Training Recap

So training lately has been going actually nice. I have done a lot of different modifications to it that I have been happy with. I was looking at doing a marathon possibly in September to try and qualify for Boston again but I have thought twice about that and began focusing on something different. Another change I have made is with my diet and I am not a big changer with my eating pattern usually at all. I was taught how to eat properly along time ago by one of my best friends who is a nutritionist and I don’t believe in yo yo dieting especially when you run or train. I had to learn the hard way with that situation that dieting and running or lifting doesn’t work at all. The big change I made was I have been practicing a more vegetarian eating style. I decided to do this after a trip I took to Vermont and speaking with some professional runners who have achieved a lot with their running and they swear by this eating habit. I am four weeks into this plan and I have been doing very well with it.

My training has been mostly heat training. I am proud to say I have backed off of the gym and resisted the urge to go as often and lift the heavy weights and my energy levels are better and my running is much easier also. I asked my coach to find me a good Boston Qualifier and he is researching this but I also ask people when I travel this question a lot and they give me different answers. I am still in search of the perfect race but my focus at this point is just building back up my base and speed safely. I haven’t done any racing and I am not interested in doing any right now. I have been working so much and training I would rather just wait on doing those for right now, although I have been helping a few different people get involved with running. Other than this my life has been quiet and I have been enjoying the nice weather with my son. I will be doing some traveling in the next few weeks to do some running and then some racing in North Georgia. I have also been cast to do a few different photos for a business in Atlanta this month possibly so I am going to enjoy the quiet time I do have.