Inspiration Interview video

A Concussion Discussion

This is Hanna a child here in my state of Georgia I asked to speak with me about her Concussion she received in High School a few years ago. Hanna still struggles with issues from this brain injury daily. And I will say a brain injury doesn’t just affect the injured, Hanna’s mom has stood by her side through this tragedy, along with her whole family, and it has been a struggle for everyone…

There is nothing easy to having this type injury, the struggles are very real and sometimes lifelong… The mental affects of a brain injury can sometimes be detrimental to a life. I speak to you from experience when I say it is extremely hard to go through a brain injury as a child along with hormone changes…. I asked Lori, Hanna’s mom to join her to talk a little on what the struggle is for a family to see their child go through something this hard and confusing.

It brings many tears to my eyes to watch this video and hear these things come from a child, and I say this because I remember going through the unknowing phases in my own adolescence…. My mission with sharing this with everyone is to help people recognize the mental illness aspect of a brain injury. The anxiety, depression, the frustration and anger. I say every word of this with experience because I know it can be a dangerous combination for someone, and it is hard to pull out of those dark holes.

But I am so happy to say Hannah was just accepted to The University of Georgia! And this brings many more tears to my eyes but only of joy. Because I know how hard this is and I also know how easy it is to give up! Way to go my Hanna I am proud you have stayed your course and remained strong!!!

I hope this video brings a lot of faith and inspiration to other children and anyone going through this problem that there is a light bright at the end of the tunnel… But most of all I hope it enlightens people on how to take precious care of their brain and to never ever give up when going through this struggle…
Never Ever Give Up in those dark moments!!! To keep driving forward with a strong will knowing you can do anything no matter what!! And if the dark moments come to not be afraid to reach out to a family or friend….

Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!!!