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Dear Son….


Tomorrow my son will be turning 10 years old. Where did all this time go to?? I remember lugging this kid around in one of those heavy carriers you see moms carrying all the time… In honor of this day I have decided to write a letter to my precious baby sharing some strength and love. To pass on some knowledge of life I have cultivated that I always wanted to hear from my own parents that I feel they were maybe too proud to say…


Dear Preston Range,

“I want you to BE, be the best YOU. Be proud of yourself, even when you’re different, because you weren’t meant to be like everyone else… Be confident, but not arrogant, encourage everyone to do and be their best.. Be okay with your failures, because you will fall on your face and everyone will laugh, that’s when you dust yourself off and come up swinging in life for more! You are my blood and you are a champion of champions I have no doubts in my mind. Be kind, compassionate and forgiving, remember always that you’ll get no where in life without these qualities…

Be faithful, believe in something much bigger than yourself, the world is not about you, and the second you begin believing it is, the world will knock you to your knees. Be motivated and courageous, because life is far from easy and requires hard work, but it will be worth it, so do it. Be thankful for every breath you take, and remember life is intended to be enjoyed so do what you love to do… Walk away from prejudices and racist remarks we are all one in this world there is no difference… DO NOT Judge, and never say a harsh thing about anyone and walk away from those who do speak harsh of others, keep your life full of good quality people… Keep your mind open sweetheart and always see your glass half full and never half empty…


Be an honest and loyal friend, who speaks the truth and stands firmly through the best and worst of times. Set your goals in life high and never waiver them…Set out for the absolute BEST without letting anyone or anything tell you that you do not deserve it or you cannot do it… I want you and expect you to work your hardest at everything you set your mind to… It’s worth it, trust me…

Never, ever stop trying to be the best you…Always believe in yourself ALWAYS!!! No matter if you see the walls closing in on you believe!! You have a power within you to move mountains and there are no doubts in my mind you will not move plenty…This path you are walking is all your own to create and I am confident you will create a wonderful world for yourself… I am very proud of you baby and honored to be called your mother….

I love you and happy birthday!