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Being Thankful…

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had a half marathon in Atlanta. It was the Annual Thanksgiving Day Atlanta Half Marathon that has been on my bucket list for many, many years. Matt and I headed out to Atlanta after work Wednesday to stay with some friends of ours there and we got up and did our thing that morning. It was a wonderful run, with so many people involved. I finished with a good time held a great overall pace. I even impressed myself by pulling back some when I felt pain in my left leg. I am usually not one to ever do this and I am very thankful that I was able to accomplish this run in a great time. After my race I headed back home to pick up my little boy from his father’s house. He is what I am most thankful for, being that I am able to pursue my dreams and at the same time raise him the right way.

Being thankful means a lot to me. When I got through my divorce from my ex husband, I made a promise to myself that I would always practice an attitude of gratitude! Today I can say honestly that whatever I choose to do, I am thankful for everyone who is with me. I have a tactic I use when I begin feeling that sense of someone giving me a vibe that is hateful or jealous. I say thank you to myself over and over and it eliminates those feelings of hatefulness. I try to practice a life of little to no drama after all that I have had to live through. I do realize that life has its ups and downs and I do my best to deal with them and simply roll with the punches without the unneeded stress.

I have so much this year I am thankful has progressed for me. I had the opportunity to meet so many great runners and became good friends with some of these people that I can say are very genuine good people. Matt and I were talking the other day about meeting people at races and interviewing them or just talking with them and we both agreed that these people are dedicated structured people. Being the battered ex wife type of woman I am, I love seeing the men at the marathons or Ironman events that are so family oriented and are so dedicated and involved with their families no matter if they compete themselves or simply volunteer at these events. I love the atmosphere of these events and I am so very thankful everyday that I am able to do the things I do and I will continue to pursue every dream I have in my heart!