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Today I have another photo shoot.  It was very interesting how I got the offer to shoot with this photographer.  He sent me a message through email and said he liked my look and wanted to shoot.  I did the research on him and I have in fact taken pictures with him in the past.  Its bizare because he was the photograper for the Macon Telegraph and I had an article written on me when I was in the hospital at the age of 15 and he took my pictures then:)  Alittle different type of pictures but It is amazing the way things happen in life….

So I am trying to expand my portfolio to get more into the fitness modeling area.  This photographer tells me to take pictures in regular clothes not just my workout clothes. But I will be doing a shoot thats a football type picture that is different, and I am looking forward to that. So I am up and at em early this morning getting ready for this shoot in Macon…. I will definately update how the pics go I am excited to do this with another awesome photographer!