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Deep Thoughts

“Here I am at age 43, when I found myself standing in my garage in a new pair of running shoes, I knew that it was my moment of truth… Behind me lay 40 years of bad decisions and broken promises…

~ John Bingham
Author of The Courage to Start

Today I read the above quote on facebook and when I read it I stopped in my tracks… It hit me like a ton of bricks! I remembered exactly the day, the road and the run that my moment of purpose hit me! I was interviewed by a magazine editor recently and he asked me what exactly inspired me… I told him I may need some time to think on it but I honestly knew I didn’t need it! In fact I immediately responded back to him and said “being told I would never be able to walk again and remembering like it was yesterday sitting in that wheelchair”. When I run I NEVER EVER forget that moment in my life! It will always be the fire in my heart!! And I know without any doubts that this fire will lead me to my success!