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Looking Back…

Today I realized I am beginning my week 11 of 16 of my marathon schedule. Tonight I am feeling so blessed and grateful to look back at everything I have been through this year. I ran today on my lunch hour and got 9 miles in, as I ran I began to think back to last marathon season. I am feeling at the moment the way I felt when I began to peak last season. I was so into my zone, I had prepared well, I was mentally there and then the injury happend to slam me to the dumps…. I went through such a depression when that mess happend, it played its mind games on me of course! I limped around for several months, caught smart remarks from so many people but today all I could think of as I ran was MAMA MADE IT!!! And I will get through the rest of this training and I WILL GET THIS QUALIFICATION! I tell Matt all the time that if I don’t get my BQ in December I will not stress over it that I will simply keep on trying until I do… I have complete faith in myself and I know the determination and drive inside of me will get me there!!!