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Doing what it takes…

Being the single mom I am I have to live my life on a very tight schedule most days… Especially with the goals & ambition I have with my training. I only have one child but that does put alot of stress on my training and alot of things in my life. I have friends with children who are always saying to me I just can’t manage the things you do, and they have a husband to help them financially as well as with the children. Then I have those friends who have a child or children who are as stretched out with their training and life as I am and manage everything great! I have a load of respect for anywho who can work their ass off to accomplish their goals or heck just work hard for anything!

My life is usually a constant roller coster. Most days if you see me I’m rolling into my 8-5 job at the very last minute, then lunch rolls around and I’m off to the gym for training. After this I scurry back to the job by 1:15 and scarf down some lunch before starting back up by 1:30. Matt calls me a fly by the seat of pants kind of person, but my life has been molded this way and I roll with the punches best I can. And I have realized to achieve this goal of mine I will have to live a life this way at least for a while. I have complete faith in myself and I know my life will not always have to be shuffled around this way…I hear people almost daily complaining or giving excuses of why they cannot do some what I would call simple things. My thinking when people say things such as this is they just don’t want to do it bad enough. And that if this single broke mother can manage all I do anything is possible! Honestly most days I don’t know how I do the things I do but I go to bed at night most thankful as well as greatful God blessed me with the ambition and drive I have.