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Full Circle

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I took my son today to the location that changed my life forever. I wanted to do this to help him learn a life lesson that I had to learn here in a ditch 23 years ago. This is the spot where I got a second chance in life.
I let him know there will be many people come into your life to help you when you’ve fallen….

I am so thankful for the many EMTs, nurses, doctors, family members, and prayers that helped me survive this accident. But the day came when it was all up to me to get out of a wheelchair and make a commitment to myself that this was not going to be my life. No one else could do this for me, but me… Some of the greatest advice I give my son and anyone is we all have people that come into our lives to help us become better people. But it is only up to us to decide how far in life we want to go. And nothing can stand in your way but YOU!
Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Stop Trying, Never EVER Give Up!!!