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I believe in myself

My day began by me sleeping through my alarm for my early morning run. Which really wasn’t a big issue for me, I had stayed up too late last night working on all of my projects I have going and since I had done my long run Sunday a rest day from running felt like it was in order anyways. I get my son up and off to the sitters and I head out to the regular grind of the dental office… When lunch arrives I head out to my santuary which is a local gym in Cordele I am a consist vistor/member of. I have spoke before that I am quite the obsessive person when it comes to my training and I have been instructed to lay low on alot of my gyming since my main focus is on Boston training to avoid any overtraining…

I find this stategy really hard to go by sometimes but I have eased up on it for the most. So today I knocked out about a 45 minute ab routine at lunch then after work I did a BRUTAL crossfit class for about 45 minutes. As I do all these things I always invision my goals in my mind and I completely believe in myself and I KNOW I can do this! It has taken me to the age of 34 for me to learn to illiminate all the doubts in my head! I am not scared of anything in life anymore! I have realized that God has gotten me this far and has given me the strength to get myself through whatever struggle I have endured. And I have a firm belief that when you strive for something with true passion you are destined for a success!

So tomorrow I will do a 6 miler before work, but I will not go to the gym at lunch because I

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have been talking with some people on sponsorships and I have a meeting planned to discuss some of that. So I will try and squeeze my crossfit class in after work if time permits, and the reason I stay so on top of this class is because I have found that it has helped build my endurance levels with my running and not too mention I simply love the stuff:) And as I said before I totally believe in myself and believe I can make all these things happen and I know I can and I know I will!!!

~ I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call… Phillipians 3:14