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I Believe….


I Believe….

Belief is foundation for me… Let me begin by saying I am from the deep south of Georgia. I have grown up here all my life, but in my experience this is far from what I describe as my foundation. Let me explain…

Foundation began for me sitting in a wheelchair of a hospital in Albany Georgia at the age of 14 years old. I say this because I believe our foundation begins the day we actually realize who we are. That day was a rebirth for my life, because I realized exactly who Stephanie was.

This day in 1993, I realized not only who I was and where I was, but a great significance for life was originated this day. Because I discovered I was a disabled child and would probably never walk again from a traumatic brain injury. That realization produced a fierce belief in my soul of overcoming, of strength and of greatness…. I knew I could overcome this… And this belief helped me do it, I walked out of those hospital doors on October 8, 1993. And that same belief has carried me much further today…

Throughout life this belief/foundation has been shaken in many ways. It’s been shaken through not just that brain injury, but through a bitter divorce of almost loosing everything I have, hunger, debt, many false friends & boyfriends and on and on… But one thing is for certain I have held that vision of me in that chair, or I should say that belief and STRENGTH beside me through every one of those rocky moments and it always saw me straight through….

Belief is foundation, Belief is solid, Belief is STRENGTH!!!!