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Incredibly Inspirational People…

Inspiration comes to us all in different forms. Throughout my life I have experienced things that drive me daily, and this drive also gives me a thorough look at what inspires me most….

Inspiration to me is determination, willpower, love, compassion, and someone who can say they perservered through many obsticles and stood tall with a smile to say I made it! This to me says inspiration. I have came across alot of inspiring professional runners/triathelets but luckily I can say I have had opportunities to know and work with just the regular inspirational people that never get any recognition…. I’m going to introduce you to an incredibly inspirational person who got me involved in the sport of running initially and I believe deserves plenty of recognition for all she has accomplished!

To start things off I will tell my story of when I was in my younger 20’s and I was extremely involved in powerlifting. My weight had soared up to 150lbs and I was pure muscle, but then when I was maxing out with my deadlift one Saturday morning I pulled a disc in my back… I said to myself at that moment it was time for a change. There was a lady in the gym I saw regularly, and I must say she was very intimidating… Never usually smiled, did her thing in the gym and left, although I did see her training from time to time some clients. After I recovered from my pull in my back I came back to the gym and I approached this woman, all I said to her was “I need your help”, I didn’t expect a nice answer back but she looked at me and sternly said I will give you my honest opinion you need to incorporate cardio in your working out and you should change your whole workout regimine! Well by this point I was on board, because I had experienced enough pain from the powerlifting and I was so “BUTCH” built from lifting so heavy I wanted something different. She said I’ll let you workout with me on my workout days if you’d like since you are familiar with how things are done, she said but 1st we are going to go for a run… Well Steph had never EVER ran before, but Cyndee was 10 or more years older than I was and I said to myself this gal ain’t gonna get the best of me, so she trotted me out the door and we headed up to the Burger King. Did I mention this was a mile and a half run from the gym to BQ, and then I had the mile and a half back….

Well I made this run, and the next day I couldn’t walk at all! I had to call into work sick because I couldn’t walk! From this day on I was hooked on running…. I had found a challenge that was exciting to me and Cyndee was so passionate about the training and nutrition of it all it made it even better. She taught me how to eat properly to fuel my runs and workouts, she also began letting me assist her with her elderly & disabled clients at the gym with their training. I admire this lady so much for all of her accomplishments & I am greatful for how she trained me and taught me. But I am very greatful I was blessed with such a wonderful friend and trainer and I am thankful she got me involved in the sport I am so passionate about today…

Cyndee Smallwood
3D-Body-Works Fitness Training &Nutrition Guidance LLC.
136 Meadowlark Lane
Fitzgerald, Georgia, 31750

I was born in Lowndes, County at Moody Air Force Base 10/07/. During the time that my father was enlisted in the U.S Air force we were stationed at many different locations. I have had the opportunity to see numerous geographic locations throughout the years. Once my Dad retired we moved to Fitzgerald, Georgia. I was in junior high school when we moved to Fitzgerald. It was here that I had my first introduction to running.
•Graduated Fitzgerald High School 1977-
•Graduated Wiregrass Cosmetology 1978
•Married for seven years (had two wonderful sons) – then divorce came-The stress of being a single parent was overwhelming. Running was my stress relief and my normal in life. This along with lots of prayer helped me overcome many obstacles. When things seemed out of control I would always exercise or run and the discipline of this brought inner peace to me during rough times
•I choose to remain single for 17 years because I wanted to put my sons first and no one else.
•I got my aerobics certification and taught aerobics at numerous fitness facilities through the years.
•I became interested in weight training and wellness and nutrition. People begin to ask me to help them and I really enjoyed making a difference in other people’s lives.
•As a result I decided to go back to college to obtain all the knowledge that I could about the human body and exercise and nutrition.
•I graduated from ABAC in 2000 –commuting and working two jobs for over two years.
•I graduated from Valdosta State University 2005-commuted for three years and worked two jobs the whole time and maintaining my running for a means of stress relief.
•I remarried in 2010 to William Smallwood
•Maintained my mobile fitness business until present
•Opened a private fitness studio of my own with my husband’s help and I continue to do image consulting as well.
•Throughout my life I have had the joy of working with many fitness clients athletes, healthy individuals as well as those with dynamic health issues. – I have had the joy of introducing running, nutrition and wellness to many of these individuals and watch them make a major change in their lives.

•Throughout my life in this journey that I am on- I have turned to God and running whenever I can and as much as I can- Yes I am older but I will not give up. If you ask me why I run- I would simply say because I can, because if I don’t I won’t be able to anymore. Running and exercise is the normal, the discipline, the structure that life needs. A wise man, one of my college professors, once told me, if you think it you create it-if you believe it you can achieve it- if you want it bad enough you can make your dreams come true. I believe that running and exercise is so positive why would you not do it? It is something I love, that I choose to do because I can , and I will always run and exercise as long as the good Lord allows me to . So until that day I will continue to love the thrill of lacing up my tennis shoes and look forward to hearing the sound of my feet kiss the asphalt. Furthermore there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that it brings through the journey to become the best that you can be.

-I have a motto of never say you can’t- Just do it! Feel the wind blow through your hair – listen for the sound of your heart beat, your breathing, and your feet as they kiss the asphalt all in a rhythmic tune. Call me crazy that’s ok- But I will run, I will move as long as God lets me. God’s gift to me was my health and I do not take this for granted. At my age to be able to do what I do and not on a single medication is a blessing from God and a lot of determination from me to be the best that he would have me be!