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The Plan

Yesterday I had a 5K in of all places, the place I once lived, Fitzgerald… I left there only because I went through a horride divorce. When I was told about this run I was somewhat skeptical of doing it because I have left that part of my life behind or I guess it would be better for me to say I have simply moved forward from that time. Anyways, I figured what could it hurt to go and try out my old bummed leg and wish for the best.

As I got to the race I saw faces that I haven’t seen in such a long time. I saw people I once worked with at the previous dental practice and I saw other runners there I once ran with. But my biggest fear was running into a person that was involved in the dispute of my marriage… It has been 5 years since all of that miserable stuff happend to me but I somehow still carry around all those negative feelings toward this person. I did run into her and as I looked at her I was more thankful than ever for her actually! Seeing her helped me realize that she was only an assistance in getting me toward a better place in life and I needed to get these negative feelings out of my heart! Although she was handing out water for this race I was proud of myself and didn’t let it bother me and was able to take home a medal for overall female in the race…

This morning I was able to get 7.2 miles in before church without pain. When we got to church and the preacher began preaching everything he spoke of touched me, and helped me realize especially after yesterday that I wouldn’t give anything in this world for that hard journey I had in life! It taught me so much and now that I am the age I am I can reflect back on all of it and see so much more… I live my life now with a grateful attitude and roll with the punches of life instead of harping on those negative events like I did before. My running is so theraputic to this because it gives me the quiet time I need to gather my thoughts and pray… I firmly believe when you dedicate yourself passionately to something you are destined for success!