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When our goals and dreams start to frustrate us, when we lose our peace and not enjoying life that’s a sure sign we are holding on too tightly.
– Joel Osteen

Reading this passage today gives me more of a sign to rest my leg. It is a decision I have to make if I am going to accomplish my goals. This takes me back to my cialis tadalafil levitra vs cialis viagra online

previous marathon training season. I had a twisted ankle when I began that training but I actually did rest it, i prayed for recovery and had such a great training season up until my 15th week into it when I blew out my left leg. Experiencing that I believe is why I push myself for this so hard. Because it hurt so much to have your goal & dream so close and then it be snatched from you and there’s nothing you can do about it:(

So needless to say I will take the great advise of a good friend of mine and actually everyone…. I promise myself I will do this smart & rest….