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My Motivation

As I am reaching my 20 year anniversary of my nearly fatal car accident on June 4th, I can’t help but reflect back through the years on some of the things that I’ve gone through. I have had some hard lessons but they taught me value in life and I am very grateful that I persisted through those hard times and stood up tall when I was knocked down. I am happy with my life, and I am thankful for each and every event I have had. I do believe every path I’ve been down has gotten me to the journey I am on today. I have finally found the peace which I looked so long for in other places and it was inside myself the whole time. I’ve given up all the doubt in my heart and mind and I believe it is because I finally realize those times I had in my past were given to me to make me this strong woman I am now and there is nothing that will shake my foundation.

I am happy for all the people that have walked into my life and also happy for those who have walked out of my life and taught me the lessons I needed to know. I am thankful for the encouragement given over the years from friends, family and also thankful for all the negativity given from people, because it only drove me harder toward my goals in life. I will always believe whatever happens to us in life happens for a reason. When I look at different issues with life or different people suffering or even happy, I have found it to be my best quality to talk and connect with them simply because I can relate to both. I enjoy using my past life as a role model to encourage lives and make the difference they may need. I am most thankful I have finally found this peace and it is realizing that what happens to us in our life doesn’t define us, its what I choose to do with it…