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Training Recap

This is my first recap in quite a while. I haven’t been doing any strategic training with my running since my marathon. I have raced this year a lot but I was warned by my coach and by a lot of my fitness friends to back off from racing as much to avoid more burnout. I was offered more photo shoot jobs so I focused in on the weightroom more for that. Most of the shoots I did were either a crossfit type shoot and I also did one that was an outdoor magazine type shoot, so they required me to look more buff than normal. Its never been really hard for me to gain muscle when I am diligent with my training in the gym. Now that I have reached this goal when I run I can surely tell why most runners are the lean mean machines they are. From the powerlifting I did at an early age my leg muscles are huge anyway but with the training I have been doing the last few months they have increased in size and I definately feel it on the road. I’m not at all worried about this though I will simply take it down a notch in the gym and back off because I realize I begin my training officially in the next 2 months and this mama is getting down to BIZ this year with training to get to Boston!