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My upcoming weekend adventures

As I was riding down the road this morning I was listening to my mp3 player and I heard a lot of the same songs I was listening to on the day I blew my leg out. All I can say is this last week of recovery of this leg I will mediate and pray more than ever. Because this injury has humbled me and taught me so much. And I believe everything happens for a good reason and it has brought so many different good people into my life, taught me alot and I am so very thankful….

So my last week I will do my cross training as usual and I’m super excited of my weekend plans with Matt! We are volunteering for the Ironman in Louisville with Sam!!! I’m super excited because I’ve never experienced a full ironman! Matt is always trying to convince me to get involved into the Tri world but I’m focused more on my BQ before hand:). But it’s definitely on my bucket list no doubt….