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“Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Don’t waste your pain; use it to help others.” ~ Rick Warren

Since I have created this blog I have recieved many emails/messages thanking me for sharing my story & letting me know how it inspires them with their running. To hear these things mean so much to me because it took alot of courage for me to open up about my experiences…

I think I have mentioned before that I didn’t speak to anyone of it for so long heck I was married and my husband didn’t even know I was in a coma for 2 months of my life, its just been a sensitive subject for me to talk of until now. But I do remember the time when all my memeories began coming together and I started talking more about them. It was when I was training for my 1st marathon in 2006. By that time I realized those memories gave me more inner strength than I knew I ever had. What helped me most with piecing all these memories together had to be my then running coach Mr. Frank McCleod.

Mr. Frank taught me that our training comes through our trails in life. I started telling him some of mine and he couldn’t believe some of the things I would say. I don’t tell people daily that I was on a respirator with little chance to live and I also told him the memory I have almost every day since I walked out of that hospital that keeps my ass moving!!! I was sitting in front of the nurses station in my wheel chair waiting to be pushed into the cafeteria. This is when I realized I couldn’t walk at all, I tried to get out of that chair and I just fell to the floor and all the nurses came running to me… When I am running sometimes now I have that memory in my head and it makes me teary eyed, but it gives me way to much energy to stop and wipe away any tears….

I value all of my experiences through trials, through happiness or success they have all taught me so much about my self and if any of my experiences can encourage or inspire anyone else that is absolutely awesome to me!