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Staying focused

“Be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners.”
1 Corinthians 15:33

So I have had a lot of different things other than my running and training lately going on that have gotten me alittle sidelined but I have to say I have stayed focused through it…. I have had this week off from my regular job to get things done and this morning I got to join my crossfit class again and it felt great.  We even did some running and squating which normally I modify those because my running coaches have told me to back off of the leg work and I am not supposed to be doing any running what so ever, but today I did and it felt great!

My running and training is what helps keep me focused in so many ways.  I am a single mother with many many responsibilities! I always have leaned on my training and running to help me with this, and I have said it so many times that its like prozac for me…  But not everyone shares my same passions… In fact, I have to ignore alot of unnessary gossip & advice from strangers as well as so called friends.  But this to me is all a part of life, and I have my goals & I do this thing for me and I do not do this to compete with anyone but myself.  My coach Matt tell me alot that I should target someone when I am out running a race, but I have learned from experience over the years with racing and with other things in life that competition with others ruin the sport & can cause unneeded drama.  So therefore I do this thing for me and my goals only, and I remain focused on that even when I hear the mess being said…